Home Staging for Outdoor Spaces

Are you moving? Trying to sell your home, or just bought a new property and not sure what to do with it? BEvolved Consulting can help!

Much time and money is spent on the inside of the home during the selling process, and very little on the outside space and gardens. It has been proven that curb appeal creates a lasting affect on a prospective home buyer and has a huge impact on resale. Attractive curb appeal will bring more buyers in  the front door & give the buyers a good first impression, where as poor curb appeal will exclude certain buyers from even looking at the home & those who do look may discount the value of the home.

BEvolved offers a realm services that can be utilized during this process, from garden and lanai design concepts, staging the outdoor space of your home for sale, sustainable design concepts for newly purchased properties, to creating  landscape management plans for a newly purchased home that helps to implement sustainable practices such as: rain gardens, bioswales, coastal protection, native plants and urban agriculture.

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