Environmental Preservation – Natural Landscape Restoration



As the Director of Horticulture for Paul Sangha Landscape Architecture, Bernice Fielding, Creative Director of BEvolved helped to introduce sustainable horticultural practices into landscape designs.

This project consisted of  steep slope retention and plant restoration in a privately owned garden that backed onto, and was eroding into, a federally and provincially protected Oceanfront beach area. Extreme sensitivity was required in many aspects of the project to ensure existing trees were protected throughout the entire project while removing invasive plant material and using sustainable measures to retain the slope of this ½ acre ravine.

The slope was retained using contour wattling and live staking with Native woody plant material as well as nurse logs and brush layering. The invasive plant material was then removed and replaced with indigenous plant material, including a Native tree layer to slow erosion due to rainfall and mitigate irrigation use.

Existing trees were re-pruned to enhance their canopy and their roots and trunk protected according to the ISA regulations for historic tree protection.