Environmental Preservation – Daylighting Salmon Spawning Creeks

Working as the Director of Horticulture for Paul Sangha Landscape Architecture, Bernice Fielding, Creative Director of BEvolved, helped to introduce environmental preservation into residential  landscape designs, such as daylighting (opening a natural waterway that has been overgrown) a salmon spawning creek that ran from the West Vancouver Mountains into the Pacific Ocean to bring it back to it’s original environmental purpose.

Filtering systems were put into place at the mouth of the stream before invasive plants were removed by hand to ensure no water contamination occurred through soil and debris. Large naturally occurring boulders were installed to slow water flow and a native tree layer was created to shade cool the water in order to make it more inviting for the salmon spawn. Once invasive plants were removed, an indigenous shrub, perennial and ground cover layer was incorporated All plants chosen were salt and drought tolerant in order to thrive in the environmental conditions and to mitigate any need for irrigation.