Educational + Cultural Landscape Design

The primary focus of the Lyon Arboretum is to educate the public and preserve historic and endangered plant material simultaneously. The design and implementation of this sustainable educational garden was extremely sensitive, as there are many existing plants that are found nowhere else and required specific care and protection.

This 20,000 sqft project, wraps around multiple historic cottages that also required careful protection. The garden,  is culturally and environmentally important, as it is used as an educational tool for the  public to learn how to become more sustainable and culturally aware in their daily lives. It is made up of many different aspects including the use of endemic, indigenous and culturally important plants found throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

The focal point of the new garden is to provide storm water management by creating rain gardens and riparian zones planted with indigenous plant material. The garden also includes other aspects such as: recycling of traditional household waste materials to create aesthetically pleasing garden spaces, rain water catchment systems, water retention techniques, a fully serviceable urban agriculture food garden, culturally important and edible plants, handicapped accessible garden spaces and space saving green walls and vertical plantings.

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