Edible Landscapes

What are Edible Landscapes?

Edible landscaping is the practical integration of food plants within an ornamental or decorative setting. The same design principles for ornamental landscapes are used, while substituting edible plants such as: Bananas, Citrus, Ginger, Lemon Grass, Olena and Herbs for some of the otherwise unproductive plant material. Using edibles in landscape design can enhance a garden by providing a unique ornamental component with additional health, aesthetic, and economic benefits.

This concept of edible landscapes is not new in Hawai`i, in fact the first Polynesian explorers that founded Hawai`i 1,700 years ago, brought with them a multitude of edible and medicinal plants that are known as the first polynesian introductions, or Canoe Plants.

At BEvolved, we like to incorporate, not only commonly known edible plants, but blend them with Canoe Plants and Native Hawaiian plants to create a true “sense of place” for all of our clients