Designing with Native Hawaiian Plants

Incorporating Native Hawaiian plants into a landscape design can create stunningly beautiful and unique spaces while aiding in the preservation of our surrounding environment. Roughy 90% of our native plants are found nowhere else in the world and many of them are endangered.

Aside from the unmatched beauty of these plants, there are a number of other reasons to grow them in your landscape, including:

  • Our flora are the most endangered in the world, due in part to land development and the overwhelming spread of invasive species.
  • Native plants grown in their proper zones will be able to flourish with much less water than many exotic species, resulting in lower water usage.
  • Once native plants are established on a site, they require less maintenance than non-native plants.
  • Less fertilization is required to keep native plants healthy.
  • Less pruning is needed in comparison to non-native trees and shrubs.
  • Creating a sense of place through plants can strengthen the Hawaiian islands unique identity.
  • Awareness of native Hawaiian plants can increase important cultural understanding, appreciation and respect for Hawaiian history and culture.